Robert Clark
€ 360.000
VAT Paid
Cape Horn
Sailing Yacht
19,66 m
4,68 m
2,20 m
For Sail Marina Port Zélande
2x Caterpillar 125 HP / 93 kW
Beautifully classic Ocean-going sailing yacht. EXCELLENT CONDITION! Recent refit: new engines, masts, sails, teak interior, generator, paintwork, etc.

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Robert Clark
William King & Sons (Essex - United Kingdom)
Hull number:
Hull shape:
Semi s-shaped
Hull colour:
Deck colour:
Deck construction:
the entire aluminum deck has been blasted in 2005, treated with GP Coating, AWL-GRP Trowalable Fairing Compound and layors of AWL-GRIP 545 Anti-corrosive epoxy primer, then sprayed white (AWL-GRIP topcoat) and provided with grey anti-slip paint. The entire aluminum superstructure has been blasted in 2005, treated with GP Coating, AWL-GRP Trowalable Fairing Compound and layors of AWL-GRIP 545 Anti-corrosive epoxy primer, then sprayed white (AWL-GRIP topcoat) and provided with grey anti-slip paint
7x Goiot deck hatch, 2x Gebo (on the superstructure - renewed in 1998) deck hatch, several windows and portholes
Double cockpit
Vertical clearance:
21 m
220 cm
33,000 kg
Steering system:
1x varnished teak steering wheel (with a Simrad RPU 3000 hydraulic pump - 2005) in the deckhouse and a stainless steel steering wheel (leather must be renewed) in the aft (steering-) cockpit with a mechanical transmission
Position steering system:
Inside + outside
rudder on skeg (at the top and at the bottom)
Keel/Lee board:
Fixed keel
  • This unique Ocean-Going Blue Water sailing yacht is in an absolute perfect condition
  • The current and 3rd owner has renovated the complete exterior in 2005
  • The entire rigging, both masts and booms, the teak interior, all systems (water, electric, chargers, pumps, etc), the navigation equipment and much more has been renewed in 2009
  • During these refits more than € 700,000 has been invested
  • The planned sailing trip has been cancelled due to circumstances, which means that CAPE HORN is still in a TOP condition, she is almost like new. Only the wonderful classic line shows that this yacht has been built in the past (1982)
  • The entire aluminum hull has been blasted in 2005, treated with GP Coating, AWL-GRP Trowalable Fairing Compound and layors of AWL-GRIP 545 Anti-corrosive epoxy primer and then sprayed dark blue (AWL-GRIP topcoat)
  • At the same time, the underwater hull has been treated with antifouling
  • The yacht has been on the hard for the last time in the winter of 2012/2013.
  • In the spring of 2014 new antifouling was applied
  • The anodes were still in good condition
  • Hull thickness measurements have been taken in April 2014; the keel section is made of 8.5 mm and the rest of 6.5 to 7 mm (the report is available)
  • The yacht has an European number (International Ship Registration)


195 cm
up till 2.05 meter
Separate Dining area:
Engine room:
fore cabin (with 1x 2 person bed and 1x 1 person bed), 2x cabin in the front with bunks and the saloon in the aft
fixed: 8
Type interior:
Classic, warm
teak interior. The interior from the aft cabin till the storage room in the bow has been entire taken out in 2009 and then professionally finished with new teak wood in 2009. Red upholstery in the saloon (completely renewed in 2000 - in good condition)
Color upholstery:
Water tank & material:
1.200 litre Aluminium
(on the inside of the hull) and approx. 250 liter stainless steel tank (2009), both tanks can be filled via a filling hole (on deck) and also via the watermaker. By opening a valve the small tank overflows into the main tank. A separate Jabsco Hydrofoor pump is connected to the small tank with a separate tap in the galley (clean water tap point)
Water tank gauge:
Water maker:
2007 : Spectra Watermaker MPC-3000 (still never used)
Waste water tank:
1x grey water holdingtank (all sinks and the shower are connected to this tank) with a floater (2009) and an electric pump (2009) with a deck connection. 1x black water holding tank (connected to the toilet). An electric grinder was mounted in the bottom of this black water tank. A Rheinstrom electric pumps the water from this tank into the sea. It is also possible to empty this tank via the deck connection
Waste water tank gauge:
Waste water tank drainpump:
Deck suction:
Water system:
2009 : electric water pressure system with an Hydrofoor 2 waterpump and a Jabsco accumulator pressure tank
Hot water:
2005 : 220 Volt Kabola B-Tap heater with hot water supply
Outside water:
Deck wash pump
Number of showers:
2009 : complete new and modern bathroom finished with teak wood, an Anthracite Corian top with a stainless steel sink, Anthracite and white Corian against the shower walls and on the shower floor, with a teak grate on top of the floor. The shower is connected to its own collector (2009) with a floater (2009) and automatic (electric) pumps the shower drain water into the grey water holding tank
1 Electric 2009 : electric Rheinstrom toilet (flushes with fresh water from the water tank)
2009 : Samsung Flatscreen TV (connected to the Intellian satellite receiver and to the Sony DVD-player) in the aft cabin/saloon
Radio/CD player:
Sony radio-/CD-/DVD-player (the tuner is connected to the Intellian Satellite receiver) with Sony speakers in the saloon
DVD player:
Satellite reception:
Cooker & fuel:
4 burner(s) Gas
Cannon Filda Way grill (on gas)
220 Volt Electric Sharp Express (microwave/grill/convection oven)
Fridge & power source:
2015 : Isotherm fridge with two drawers
2015 : Isotherm freezer with two drawers
hot air 2005 : 220 Volt Kabola B-Tap heater with 5x radiator and 5x convector (with automatic ven's)
  • The entire interior from the aft cabin/saloon until the front storage room has been taken out in 2009, to treat the inside of the hull with a coating and sprayed a foam for isolation on the hull
  • The front of the yacht has been re-designed
  • All wood work has been done by a professional carpentry shipyard and finished the interior beautiful with new teak
  • The layout from the front to the dockhouse : fore cabin with a 2 person bed on port side and a 1 person bed on starboard - a shower on port side - 2 cabins (port side and starboard) with bunks - a toilet on port side next to the stairs
  • White Courtesy floor-lights are mounted towards the front cabin (night lights) and new white panels on the ceiling throughout the yacht
  • New Luxe mattresses (2009) with a vapor-resistant layer in all cabins
  • The working top in the galley has been replaced by an Anthracite Corian working top with a double stainless steel sink
  • Above the cooker is a 24 Volt hood
  • An electric Bep-Marine gas-valve is mounted in the galley
  • A teak handgrip was mounted in 2009 all along and under the ceiling in the aft cabin
  • On the bulkhead in the aft cabin are a Barometer and a clock mounted and there is also a Barograph
  • There is a watertight bulkhead between the storage room in the bow and the front cabin
  • This big storage room can be entered via a deck hatch on the front deck and via a water tight door in the front cabin
  • In the cockpit is a connection for the deck wash pump (with sea water)

Engine, electrics

Number of identical engines:
3056 Turbo
Serial number:
2x 125 hp
93 kW
Hours counter:
Engine hours:
Fuel consumption:
5 litre/hour
Brand of the 2nd engine:
Model of the 2nd engine:
3056 Turbo
Serial number of the 2nd engine:
Year of the 2nd engine:
Power of the 2nd engine:
125 hp
Hours counter on the 2nd engine:
Engine hours of the 2nd engine:
Fuel for the 2nd engine:
Fuel consumption of the 2nd engine:
5 litre/hour
Gearbox 2nd engine:
Folding propellor
2x 3-bladed Vari-prop (2005)
Cooling system:
Fuel tanks:
plus a day tank of approx. 550 liter
Total fuel tank(s) capacity:
1,100 Litre
Material fueltank:
Max speed:
9 knots
Cruising speed:
8 knots
Fuel tank gauge:
Oil pressure gauge:
Temperature gauge:
12x 2 Volt Mastervolt Gel domestic battery (total: 24 Volt - 420 Ah - from 2007), 1x 50 Ah Optima Red Top generator battery (12 Volt), 4x 50 Ah Optima Red Top engine battery (24 Volt, 50 Ah - from June 2008) , 2x 140 Ah spare battery (24 Volt for emergency - from December 2007)
Battery charger:
2007 : 2x Mastervolt Mass 24V/100A
Mastervolt Whisper M-SC8
Mastervolt Mass Sine 24V/220V/2500W (2007) and a number of 24V/12V inverters (2005)
5x Voltmeter and 3x Ampmeter
Shore power:
fixed shore power connection with a circuit breaker
Shore power cable:
Control panel:
renewed in 2005
12V 24V 220V
  • There is a leak voltage gauge connected to the hull
  • 1x Mastervolt IVO Smart
  • 1x Mastervolt Charger Control
  • 1x Link 10 Battery Condition meter
  • For security reasons, the service batteries can only be charged via the shore power or via the generator and not via the alternators of the engine. Via an emergency-functionality it is possible to connect the engine batteries to the service batteries or to an emergency set of batteries. The service batteries, the battery chargers, the inverter, the Sure Power (Model 1202) Multi Battery Isolator, the Furuno Tuner and all 24 Volt and 230 Volt fuse-boxes are mounted behind the watertight bulkhead (behind the saloon) in a separate and sealed compartment (under the steering cockpit)
  • Everything has been removed out of the engine room in 2005
  • The engine room has been checked, re-designed and renewed
  • All walls have been isolated and covered with demp plates
  • 2005 : 2x Stainless steel propellor shaft
  • All pumps have been renewed and connected to new Aquaterm Phisiotherm pipes (which have been renewed throughout the yacht)
  • All electric wires have been professional renewed and a professional made plan of the complete renewed electric system is available
  • There are only 2x sea-water inlets installed; both with a filter, with a vale under the filter and a valve behind the filter
  • Both engines, the generator, the 24 Volt Rheinstrom deck wash pump, the 24 Volt electric toilet and the watermaker are connected to these 2 seawater inlets
  • 2x Duplex Racor dieselfilter with a water separator and a sight glass for the engines
  • 2x Duplex Racor dieselfilter with a water separator and a sight glass for the generator
  • 1x Racor dieselfilter for the Kabola heater
  • The engines have been serviced in 2014
  • In the engine room is a work bench (with head room) with a vise, 2x 220 Volt socket and storage room for tools. Dirt can be sucked out of the fuel tank via a manual and an electric pump
  • The ventilation of both grey water- and black water holding tanks are connected to one and the same vent filter, which is mounted in the engine room

Navigation and electronics

1x Simrad IS15 & 1x Danforth
electric compass (2009) in the deck house and 1x Danforth compass in the aft- (steering-) cockpit
2009 : Simrad IS15 Speed Multi
Depth gauge:
2009 : Simrad IS15 Depht Multi
Wind gauge:
2009 : Simrad IS15 Windmeter
in the deckhouse and a Simrad Windmeter in the aft (steering-) cockpit (with moisture in it)
Navigation lights:
3 colour mast head- (2009 - LED), anchor- (2009 - LED), steam- (2009 - LED), 2x spreader- (2009 - in the main mast and in the mizzen mast), bow- and stern light
Rudder position indicator:
2009 : Simrad IS15 rudder indicator
2009 : Simrad Robertson AP22 with a hydraulic Simrad RPU3000 pump
Furuno GP-31
Chart plotter:
in the board computer
In the board computer is a navigation package (should be up-dated)
2009 : Simrad
The radar antenna/dome is mounted on the side of the mizzen mast
SSB receiver:
Furuno FS-1562-15 Transmitter/Receiver with a Furuno Antenna Coupler (Tuner)
1x Icom IC-M601 VHF with Mic (2009), 1x Icom BC-166 handheld VHF (2009) and 1x Shipmate RS 8300 VHF with 2x speaker (in the deckhouse and in the saloon)
Furuno NX-300 Navtex
  • Simrad Robertson FU 35 Joystick in the deck house, to be able to change very fast from position (this Joystick is connected to the hydraulic Simrad RPU3000 steering pump)
  • 2x Industrial board-computer (1x for using internet and 1x for the navigation package) with a Flatscreen and a keyboard in the deck house
  • Barometer in the deckhouse
  • Intellian Satellite receiver with Tuner (antenna is mounted on a antenna pole on the aft deck)
  • Isolated backstay in use as an antenna for the SSB

Rig and sails

Sailplan type:
Number of masts:
Spars material:
2x dark blue sprayed Selden mast (2009), 2x dark blue sprayed boom (2009) and 2x dark blue sprayed Rodkicker (2009), stainless steel Dyform stays (2009 - tensioners fitted with aluminum Hasselfors protection pipes), stainless steel Diamond stay in the top of the main mast, double set dark blue sprayed open spreaders in the main mast, single set of dark blue sprayed open spreaders in the mizzen and an Holmatro HIA 48-22S hydraulic backstay adjuster (2006)
Standing rig:
ROD rigging
Number of sails:
Sails material:
Cruiser Offshore Dacron and Laminaat DCX
Sails manufacturer:
De Vries
Main sail:
2009 : De Vries : Offshore Cruiser Dacron : full battened mainsail (cleaned and serviced in winter 2016/2017)
2009 : De Vries : Offshore Cruiser Dacron : full battened mizzen sail (cleaned and serviced in winter 2016/2017)
2009 : De Vries : Laminate DCX : furling Yankee (cleaned and serviced in winter 2016/2017)
2009 : De Vries : Cruiser Offshore Dacron: furling genoa (cleaned and serviced in winter 2016/2017)
Furling foresail:
2009 : electric Bamar MEJ1.02 furling genoa system (controlled from the deckhouse and also with a wire-less remote control)
Genoa reefing system:
2009 : electric Bamar MEJ1.02 furling yankee system (controlled from the deckhouse and also with a wire-less remote control)
Storm jib:
Offshore Dacron : Storm Jib (can be hoist on to the removable Kevlar stay)
1x Spinnaker (Light Weather) and 1x allround spinnaker (202m2)
Gennaker (190m2)
stainless steel Anderson winches: 2x 46ST (electric with one speed - 2009), 2x 68ST (electric with two speeds - 2009), 2x 46ST (manual - 2009). Lewmar winches: 2x 48ST, 3x 40ST 4x 28ST
Electric winches:
Manual winches:
  • A professional rigger (Tuned) has inspected the masts and rigging in 2013 (when the rig was taken of the yacht)
  • 2x Antal rails with jammers on the main mast (the halyard from the yankee and the genoa can be connected on this rails and then you can remove the hoisting halyard)
  • Removable Kevlar stay (for a storm jib)
  • Blue mainsail cover and mizzen sail cover, both with Lazy-Jacks
  • Ronstan and Harken deck gear (blocks and rails)
  • Spinlock jammers
  • Dark blue sprayed Carbon Hall (2009) spinnaker pole (hanging on a rails on the front side of the main mast)

Deck Equipment

Anchors & material:
1 x ploegschaar Stainless steel
with 50 meter chain
Anchor connection:
Anchor windlass:
2009 : Maxwell (up-down)
Sea rails:
stainless steel stantions (90 cm high), pushpit, pullpit, double wired stainles steel guardrails with amidships openings
Push- and pulpit(s):
Swimming ladder:
aluminium swimming ladder
Fenders, lines:
  • All 3 windows at the front side of the deck house are provided with Exalto wipers in 2009
  • 2 Custom Built stainless steel clamps (each with 2 plastic rollers) mounted on the stern, for mooring-ropes
  • 3x Stainless steel Vetus air vent (2009) on the front deck, which can be closed below the deck


Life buoy:
Life raft:
8 person Avon life raft in a container (surveyed till July 2014 - MUST be checked)
ARC Global Fix EPIRB (needs to be surveyed or renewed)
Bilge pump:
Manual Electric 1x 24 Volt Rheinstrom bilge pump with an indicator and an alarm in the deck house (manual valves to 6 different compartments and an connection for a very long hose, to be able to pump out water throughout the yacht), 4x electric/automatic (floater) submersible pump and 1x manual bilge pump
Fire extinguisher:
1x CO2 fire extinguisher and 4x foam fire extinguisher (all checked in 2015)
Radar reflector:
Echomax radarreflector in the masthead of the main mast
Gas bottle locker with drain:
2x separate and sealed gas bottle storage, the complete system has been checked on 05-07-2013 and was in a good condition
Self-draining cockpit:
  • Emergency tiller
  • Rescue Joon
  • There is an air horn on the roof of the deck house
  • The yacht is in the Dutch register and will be delivered without a registration