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De Werf Enkhuizen
Paktuinen 2A
1601 GD Enkhuizen
The Netherlands


+31 850 060 194 + 1



Marina Port Zélande
Kabbelaarsbank Steiger K1
3253 ME Ouddorp
The Netherlands


+31 850 060 194 + 2


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About us

Quality, commitment and knowledge

For Sail Yachtbrokers is a team of enthusiastic water sports enthusiasts who grew up among the boats and made their hobby their profession. The team consists of Jan-Ward van Dantzig, Barend Kol, Tjeerd Klouwers, Robert van der Klip, Tim van Daal, Tanja Sijm, Yaron Han and Joyce den Haan. Together they form a close team with a large network in water sports in the Netherlands and abroad. On both locations we have E.M.C.I. Certified Yacht Brokers and Master appraisers. The goal is to sell yachts, but the motto is above all a pleasant cooperation.

For Sail Yachtbrokers is a yacht brokerage, started in 2002 and located in the beautiful and large Marina Port Zélande on the Brouwersdam near Ouddorp. At the end of 2017, For Sail Yachtbrokers acquired the brokerage activities of Messink Yachting in Enkhuizen. As a result, For Sail now has a branch on one of the busiest shipping hubs of the IJsselmeer in the north of the country.

For Sail now has two branches with its own sales pontoons and sales offices. Because of this we do not lose sight of your ship for a moment and we are always close to viewings.


North Sails

For Sail Yachtbrokers has been North Sails’ agent for years. You can contact us for advice on new sails, we can guide you in the choice of materials and such, but we are also there if your sails need a repair. For North Sails you also need to be with For Sail Yachtbrokers!